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LEGO minifigs based on Valve's multiplayer FPS phenomenon, Team Fortress 2! Posted 4/1/2011.

All minifigs shown here were created using custom decals that I designed myself. Don't forget to check out my Decal Shop!


I haven't played enough Team Fortress 2 to really sing its praises or nitpick it to death, so here is a gushing post from my forums instead (by TheEnigmaticTwinky):

"TF2 can trace it's [sic] lineage back to Quake, when we didn't have all this recharging health & eye-bleeding when shot nonsense. Bunny-hopping, rocket-jumping, strafe-jumping- all benchmarks of the earliest days of the FPS, and TF2 has carried that torch- when no other retail game in the past 2 years or so has included those things, Valve's brave enough to swim against the current. [...] Bottom line: It is THE best game released within the past 3 years that isn't one of the big two- CoD and Halo. Funny sound bites, cartoony visuals, all mannerisms of ways to customize, and classes to fit all sorts of players, whether you be a bum-rush retard, or a stealthy ambusher. Play some more, and you'll fall in love with it."

The Offensive classes: Soldier, Pyro, and Scout. These were all made before I played the game, and in hindsight, a grey minifig head would have worked better for the fuel tank on the Pyro's flamethrower. Ah well.

As I understand it, hats are very important in TF2, but really only to showoffs. This is a soldier in the Tyrant Helm, which I made for a member of my forums, Tyrannical Tim. I was totally going to paint it the right colors too, but then Tim went and wished death upon Rarity. Totally not cool, bro! No painted helmet for you! (also I got lazy)

The Defensive classes: Engineer, Heavy, and Demoman. "Heavy" is short for "Heavy Weapons Guy." Demoman is short for "Demolitions Man." Interestingly, the Engineer is just about the only class in TF2 that does not look all that terribly different from his Team Fortress Classic counterpart. Unfortunately I couldn't find a hard-hat in yellow or orange.

I figured I was bound to get some complaints that my Demoman wasn't brown. I still prefer to stick to LEGO's official "if one guy is yellow, then they're all yellow" policy, but anyway, there you go: the rare black Scottish cyclops in all his glory! And yes, I know the dynamite item was removed from the game or something, but I've been itching to use this new LEGO dynamite piece for something.

The Support classes: Sniper, Spy, and Medic. The hardest part for these was deciding on a color scheme for the Spy. In the end, I went with a sand red body and dark red head.

And finally, a shot of the backs. At least, the more interesting ones.

That's all for now! Maybe I'll find time to make a diorama later.

All minifigs shown here were created using custom decals that I designed myself. Don't forget to check out my Decal Shop!

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