Z-95 Headhunter and X-Wing

(posted 5/19/2001)

The Incom Z-95 Headhunter is a ship you see a lot in Star Wars EU. It's basically an extremely primitive predecessor of the familiar X-Wing. With no shields and only two laser cannons, however, it's more like a Rebel version of a TIE Fighter. This LEGO is pretty simple, but better than many of the Z-95's you see that are just rebuilt X-Wing sets...

And just to make this page worth looking at, here is my slightly improved version of LEGO's original Incom T-65 X-Wing set. As you can see, I made the engines not look like they're constantly glowing, made the nose slightly darker than the rest of the ship, put the distinctive T-shape inside the engines, and made the blasters look more like the real X-wing's. No huge changes, but good ones.

LEGO has produced a number of official X-Wing sets over the years. The first one was grey, and it was the one I used for the creation shown above. I still consider it the best. LEGO later released some slightly junkier X-Wing models that were white. WHITE? Yes, white. There is a large group of LEGO builders out there (the vast majority of them, in fact) that believe the X-Wing (and just about every other Rebel ship, including the Snowspeeder) should be white, because that was the color (supposedly) of the models originally used by Lucasfilm. Well, I don't care what color their models were; all I know is that in the movies, the X-Wing looks GREY. As grey as grey can possibly BE, in fact! I used to argue incessantly about this. Finally I've settled on one point that should convince everyone. If it doesn't convince you, then you're a lost cause:

On Hoth, was Luke Skywalker's X-Wing the same color as the snow? Were the snowspeeders the same color? No, they were both darker. So the LEGO models should be darker than white as well.

Case closed.