Slave I & Slave II

Back in my Star Wars days, I was (as you may already know) pretty much a Boba Fett nut. If it had something to do with Boba Fett, I wanted it. I actually never expected LEGO to release a minifig of Boba Fett, since he was a pretty minor character, but since then they've made tons. When I first saw the original Slave 1 set, I almost fainted. I wanted that Boba Fett minifig SO BAD! However, when I finally got the set, I was pretty disappointed in the tiny, pitiful Slave 1 ship. So I quickly set about improving it...

Slave One (first edition, circa 2001)

 That first official Slave 1 set is shown in the above image, on the right. On the left is my first improved version, based on the Slave 1's more accurate stats as detailed in the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels and the Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections book.

As you can see, it's FAR bigger. Trust me, Slave 1 is a big ship. I was forced to use a makeshift windshield design since LEGO didn't have any canopies big enough for the Slave 1 available at that time.

I included all of the hidden weapons as detailed in the Cross-Sections book, in addition to the play features of the original Slave 1. More detail on the weapons in the next section...

Slave One (Second Edition, circa 2002)

The next year, LEGO released a new Slave 1 for Jango Fett from Star Wars: Episode II. This new model actually featured a ton of similarities to my re-make of Boba Fett's! The biggest advantage LEGO had was that they could make a new windshield part when they needed one. And it fit almost perfectly onto my own model, as you can see above... coincidence? I think not! :-P

Of all the hidden guns that I had on my original Slave 1 remake, these were the only ones I added for the second edition. They are, as you can see, stolen from LEGO's official Jango Fett model. Just for movie canon accuracy... as if I care. I'd also like to thank LEGO for finally making the parts needed to build guns that could rotate without falling off... something not possible in my first edition.

Much later (in 2007), LEGO released their own re-made Slave 1, which was pretty much a Boba Fett style re-paint of their earlier Jango Fett model. I'll admit, the overall design of it is actually better than this old custom of mine... but mine is a more solid build and has more extra features (see below).

I admit, the nose is a little too thick and the dish should actually be thicker, but overall, I was very pleased with it. More pics of my improved Boba Fett minifig can be seen in the Bounty Hunters section.

Prisoner/cargo storage bay located in the back/top.

A detailed analysis of all the hidden guns. Most of these are accurate to the description in the Star Wars Cross-Sections book.

Flight mode! Fun fact: Did you know that the Slave 1's design was originally based on a lamp atop a lamppost outside the Lucasfilm building? Just imagine a lightbulb where the engines are located, and a pole attached to the end of the nose...

Slave Two (circa 2001)

The Slave 2 only exists in Star Wars EU. After Dengar rescued Boba Fett after his escape from the Sarlacc Pit, Slave 1 was nowhere to be found, so Fett was forced to buy a new ship: the Slave II. He would later reacquire Slave I (a better, if older, starship) and resume flying it instead. Both Slave I and Slave II are playable craft in the PC game X-Wing Alliance, but they are the civilian versions, not Fett's personalized ones, so they are far weaker than his customized counterparts.