Boba Fett Sculpture

First Edition (circa 1999)

My Boba Fett sculpture project started with the helmet, which I had thrown together out of boredom and thought was too nice not to use on a complete sculpture. So I completed it... about down to the waist, and then stuck it on a baseplate and stopped:

Second Edition (circa 2005)

About 6 or so years later I dug up the old head, rebuilt the body, and expanded and improved the whole thing to enter it into a sculpture contest.

The improved version features a full set of legs, as you can see. I tried to stagger them to make him look somewhat posed...

However, the results still look quite blocky. To be honest, I wasn't really trying that hard. I just thought I'd rebuild my sculpture really quick and see how it did in the contest. The thing I spent the most time on was the jetpack (a feature the original didn't have).

The pose of this Boba Fett sculpture was actually based on a model of Boba Fett from RotJ that I have in my room, part of Hasbro's old "Epic Force" series (of which I also have Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper). He's still mint in the box. The Epic Force figs were so much better than the retarded, overblown "Force Unleashed" crap they make today... I also have both box versions of the Special 300th Edition Boba Fett figure! Bet you didn't know I was an action figure collector too, did ya? I was, I was...

Another shot of the detailed jetpack. Notice the fuel hose leading to the flamethrower on his right arm.

Back when I was obsessed with Star Wars, the thing I was obsessed with most of ALL was Boba Fett. This is actually his Prototype costume, you know. It was never fully shown in the movies. In the Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett wore green gauntlets, grey gloves, and a solid green jetpack. Boooring. In Return of the Jedi, he wore red gauntlets and a colorful jetpack. Much better. The prototype version was pretty much the same as RotJ, but with brown gloves with circles on top. Sometimes the prototype has one yellow gauntlet and one red one. This one has both red (guess why). The Boba Fett imposter who came about after his supposed "death," a guy named Jodo Kast, wore two yellow gauntlets.

Unfortunately, most of the Boba Fett trivia I know has been completely invalidated due to George Lucas completely ignoring its existence when he made the Prequels, instead scrapping it for a lame story about how he's just a clone with no real battle experience at all, thus ruining his entire mysterious past. I would rather Lucas had just left Fett out of the Prequels entirely rather than insert him and completely ruin him. This is one huge reason why I hate the Star Wars Prequels.

So here's a final parting shot of Boba Fett pointing his blasters at you. Is he some rapidly-aging clone? Is he a stormtrooper who took his suit of armor from a dying Mandalorian and vowed to keep the Mandalorian name alive? Is he Jaster Mereel, born on the planet Dying Slowly? Is he a Mandalorian warrior himself? Who knows? No one does. No one has ever even seen his face. No, I don't care what you think you saw in that silly excuse for a prequel movie! NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BOBA FETT'S REAL FACE.

The best Boba Fett moment of all time was in a comic book I read where Dengar and Fett work together to kill the imposter Fett, Jodo Kast. When Fett rejoins Dengar in his ship, a shot of his back is shown, covered in scars from the stomach acid of the Sarlacc pit, and numerous other wounds.

Dengar says, "No wonder you never show your face."

Boba Fett slowly turns his helmeted head to face him and answers, "This is my face."