MGS3 Boss Fights

"Drift away... My place is with them now." - The Boss
Boy, we saw this fight scene enough in the trailers! Here we have Sokolov following Snake across a bridge when he runs into the Boss and Volgin. The Boss, who has turned traitor, proceeds to totally own Snake's butt, and break his arm. Is this really a boss fight? No. You can't fight back.

"You're going to nuke your fellow Russians? They may be our enemies, but they are still our countrymen! COLONEL!" - Ocelot
Another not-really-a-boss-fight. This is just a scene from the game where Ocelot tries to stop Volgin from firing his nuke with the "Davy Crockett" launching system. But he doesn't succeed. Volgin's too crazy to let his side-kick stop him.
"Remember the Alamo..." - Volgin

"A female spy?" - Ocelot
Don't worry; this is the last not-a-boss-fight. In this scene, Eva pops her bike's front wheel into the air and "kicks" Ocelot with it. It would seem that the Twin Snakes, the MGS1 re-make with its crazy, far-fetched cutscenes in which characters perform moves that are almost, if not completely, impossible, has left its mark on the Metal Gear Solid series.

"Twelve shots... This time, I've got twelve shots." - Ocelot
Here's the first boss fight. And who do you fight? You guessed it... Ocelot. And this time, he's got two revolvers: twelve shots. Watch out though... it looks really corny when he reloads his guns for the first time in battle. Good thing you get to show this cocky kid how a real man fights.

The next boss you have to face is the Pain. You fight him in an underground cave while swimming around in the water to get away from his bees. He reminds me of that bee farmer guy in Vigilante 8. What, you've never played V8? Nevermind then.

The Fear jumps around in trees when you fight him... like a monkey. Watch out for his traps. He's really not that hard though, once you figure out how to fight him.

"What's the matter? ... I'm over here." - The End
Ah yes, this is the fight with the End. It's one of the toughest boss fights in the game... not really because it's that hard to survive, but because it takes forever. The End snipes you from the bushes, completely hidden, and when you do find him, he throws a flash grenade at you so that you are temporarily blinded while he runs away to a new hiding spot. Expect to get shot a lot in this fight, but you can restore your stamina by eating, since the End is just using tranquilizer darts, which take down your stamina instead of your health. You're lucky in this respect. You'd never be able to survive this fight if the End was using real bullets.

"Boss... This is the end of the Cobras. I go now, to join the Sorrow..." - The Fury
For all his coolness, the Fury is a bit of a pushover when you actually fight him. He has trouble finding you, so you can hide and shoot at him from a distance. His fight is a lot like the second fight with Vulcan Raven in Metal Gear Solid 1. It's also just about the only indoor boss fight in MGS3.

"You will be killed by your own sons..." - The Sorrow
He's right about that, you know. I don't know if you can really call this a boss fight. In a world of your dreams, you wade along a river. The Sorrow floats in front of you, firing strange ghostly blasts, as all of the characters that you've killed rise up to attack you. The trick to beating the fight is a strange one, but I won't spoil it for you. You might be able to figure it out yourself.

"The one who survives... will inherit the title of Boss." - The Boss
The last fight in the game, the fight against the Boss, takes place in a field of flowers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any white flowers. Oh well, a white LEGO plate will have to do. For some strange reason, the Boss leaves her vest open, exposing bare skin underneath, through the entire fight. This didn't really make sense to me, and it really took away from the ending of the game, in my opinion. It just seemed out of character and tacky. Oh well.

UPDATE! I finally got my hands on enough red and white flowers to recreate this scene a bit more accurately!