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Mass Effect

Character Minifigs

First posted July 2012
Last updated June 2013

The minifigs below were made using custom-designed decals by me. Don't forget to check my Shop for Decals, Weapons, Instructions, and more!

UPDATE (June 2013): I've finally completed my set of Mass Effect characters with Aria T'Loak, Jacob Taylor, Jack, Kasumi Goto, and James Vega!

More photos of all these new guys (and more) can be seen on the new Kodiak Shuttle page!


ORIGINAL POST (July 2012) - Photos do not reflect current decal print quality.

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"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite site on the Internet! Now give me a discount. I want to add a LEGO Mako to my cabin."

Mass Effect 3 had a lot of cool stuff in it, but you know what the best thing was? The omni-blade. The omni-blade rules. This LEGO one is made out of a trans-neon-orange 2x2 dish that I mutilated with a Swiss Army knife.

The Alliance certainly turned blue in Mass Effect 3. Blue shuttles, blue uniforms, blue armor. Even blue all over my pretty Normandy that's supposed to have red highlights dammit. ;_;

Anyway, here's David Anderson, Admiral Hackett, Doctor Chakwas, Joker (Jeff Moreau), and Commander Jennifer H. Shepard aka Femshep. You know, Dr. Chakwas just might be one of my favorite Mass Effect characters. She's just really likeable. Those new crewmates they added to the Normandy in ME3 are all pretty boring though. I want Kelly Chambers back. At least she knew how to be a Yeoman. You think Captain Kirk would have a Yeoman like this "Traynor" on his ship? No sir.

And I think you know all these guys: Liara T'Soni, Garrus Vakarian, Commander Mark M. Van Der Shepard, Ashley Williams, Tali'Zorah nar vas Whatever, and EDI.

I repainted Tali's hood to match the sand-purple LEGO color better and gave her a lot more decals, and I have Garrus a new chest piece. More on that later. Sorry about EDI's hair; I guess she's trying to look more human now. Her outfit is based on the alternate one from the DLC package, I think. Because jeez, lady, at least put some clothes on.

Another shot of the group. I left out Trapezius Maximus aka James Vega, because why the heck is he in this game anyway, no one likes him. And I haven't played the Prothean DLC yet, so I left that guy out too.

But no, I didn't leave out Kaidan! I usually save Ashley because come on, she's way more useful, plus she has a large extended family who will miss her, whereas Kaidan has no one and gets a school named after him if he dies. But anyway...

Here is Garrus without his new armor so you can see how the decals look.

And here is with his armor, alongside another turian. I noticed that the Atlantis scuba helmets - of which I have dozens, thanks to buying a lot of Atlantis sets - had a rounded collar not unlike the Turian collars, so I whipped out my Swiss Army knife for another round of LEGO butchery. All I did was cut the whole helmet off the top, which unfortunately removes the only stud-hole on the part, leaving it a little floppy when put back on the minifig. To fix this, I stuffed a small wad of tissue paper behind the breathing tanks (which you can't easily remove without rendering the whole part useless). Then I painted on some highlights with enamel paint.

Yes, the turian on the right has a Xarkon emblem on his shoulder. He's sort of my Mass Effect sig-fig, I guess.

Here are a bunch of NPCs who returned from previous games but didn't join your party: Zaeed Massani, Urdnot Wrex, Mordin Solus, Legion, Thane Krios, Grunt, and Miranda Lawson.

Note the new Legion minifig and improved Wrex. They really gave the ME2 characters the shaft in ME3, which disappointed me. I would have preferred any of these characters as a squadmate over Vega. At least some of them got fairly good NPC roles, I guess...

No, I still haven't made Jacob, Jack, or Kasumi, although I'd like to make the latter two at some point. Maybe later. :P

WE ARE PURE KROGAN. By the way, Wrex remains the best character in all of Mass Effect. For instructions on building a krogan hump, check this image.

Geth attack! Flashlight-heads everywhere! In this picture we see Legion, 3 Geth Troopers, a Geth Rocket Trooper, a Geth Hunter, and my personal multiplayer geth engineer named SureFire, with his trusty Heal-bot (TM).

The backs. What is a geth? It's a series of tubes.

My geth head design is a pretty simple little build. It's basically just one of these. I think you can figure it out from there.

Speaking of multiplayer characters, here's my little squad, based on various characters my sister and I have made, since we play together on the PC. From left to right: geth, batarian, human infiltrator, salarian, krogan, asari, quarian, and turian.

A closer look at half of our squad. Turian sentinels own, by the way. Just give them max Tech Armor with cooldown reduction, a huge gun, and then shoot and spam powers every cooldown. Geth engineer is also great for keeping your buddies alive with Heal-bot and warning them about troop movements with Hunter Mode. Batarian soldier is one of the best soldiers in the game because holy crap, explosive spikes and inferno grenades.

Salarian engineers are some of the best engineers because they can heal themselves with Shield Drain, burn mobs and armor with Incinerate, and they get a weight reduction on sniper rifles. All of the krogan classes are monstrously powerful. For krogan soldiers and sentinels, just max out their special armor and grenades, ignore the other power, and give them the biggest gun ever because they have no cooldowns. As for Twilight Sparkle there, well... I prefer tech powers to biotics, so don't ask me about asari. I've seen a squad of asari justicars fry Banshees for breakfast with their warp-shield power though.

And yeah, that's the Wulfgard logo on the green dude. He's my sister's character.

Back designs. Note the new back decal for Thane's coat.

The Illusive Man and a squad of Cerberus soldiers.

Okay, allow me a short rant here: there was a lot of wasted potential regarding Cerberus in the Mass Effect series. Why would they spend all that money resurrecting Shepard only to turn on him all of a sudden? Why would Cerberus - previously the only group willing to acknowledge the existence of Reapers and try to fight them - suddenly start fighting the rest of the galaxy instead? Why can't the player choose to go back to Cerberus, just in case TIM is right and the Reapers can be controlled (since, you know, he is and they can)? That would have made for a much more interesting set of choices & consequences in ME3, if the game had two major paths: Alliance and Cerberus. Oh well, the Illusive Man is still a great character. No, I don't read the comics - why do you ask?

A squad of Cerberus soldiers: a Centurion leading four Assault Troopers.

A shot of the backs.

SPOILER ALERT! Click here if you've already finished the game.

UPDATE (October 2012): I also made some Reaper Husks reacently...



(click for larger)

Hope you enjoyed the minifigs! I'm planning to post some kind of diorama and/or vehicle(s) later, so keep an eye out. ;-)


The minifigs here were made using custom-designed decals by me. Don't forget to check my Shop for Decals, Weapons, Instructions, and more!


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