Left 4 Dead 2

Date posted: 4/27/2010

By popular demand, the heroes of Left 4 Dead 2: Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, and Coach.
So I hear they killed off Bill in some DLC pack? Well, there goes my last shred of regret for not buying the sequel...

Left 4 Dead

Date posted: 4/9/2009

If there's one thing I cringe to see in a video game - since they seem to pop up in every single one - it's zombies. For this reason, the zombie-shooter genre (or "survival-horror" if you will) has never really appealed to me. Despite the existence of my Resident Evil minifigs, I've never owned an RE title (I've only played them at a friend's house, and the minifigs were also made for a friend). So why Left 4 Dead? One simple reason: It's co-op.

I was a little disappointed that Left 4 Dead had basically no storyline except "there are zombies everywhere and you must escape." There were four different campaigns with this same basic story in different settings, but all of them were a bit too short. Nevertheless, these were the game's only major drawbacks, and otherwise it's great fun while it lasts (and a great party game).

The building in the background is my custom "post-apoc" version of the theater from the LEGO 50th Anniversary "Town Plan" set. The minifigs are just random figs with some new zombie face decals. Oh, and please ignore how weirdly mismatched Louis's face decal looks. It actually matches much better in person. It's just the weird lighting in the photo...

When I first saw screenshots of Left 4 Dead's early build, I was turned off by the fact that all of the characters looked like bums. Thankfully they later revised the appearances and made it look less like they'd been surviving in zombie-land for several years already.

Personally, I think the assault rifle is the best weapon in the game. You can snipe zombies almost as good with it as you can with the hunting rifle, provided you have a good aim and fire in quick bursts. And it's just as good at laying low mobs as the shotgun if you aim for the head. The biggest advantage of the shotgun is that it deals obscene amounts of damage to the Tank.

My back decals. From behind, each character is still distinctive while in the heat of battle... well, except Louis. That's why when I accidentally shoot him and he screams "Do I LOOK like one of them?!" I feel like answering, "Well, yes, actually, you kind of do." They should have given him an outfit with a bit more color so he'd stand out more...

Yes, Bill has a cigarette on his face decal. Please note that I think smoking is a disgusting and unhealthy habit, and I do not support it. However, it just wouldn't have looked like Bill if he didn't have the cigarette in his mouth, since he ALWAYS does. That is one slow-burning cigarette. Still, Bill is my favorite character. I always play Bill, Maegan plays Francis, and Ryan plays Zoey... which is unusual since I typically pick the girl whenever we play games like this together. I think that precedent was established with Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for the PS2...

I made a yellow version of Louis as well, but I figured no one would like it in the slightest, so I decided to just give it up and use the brown one for most of the pics. Oh well.

NOTE: All weapons are from www.brickarms.com. If you decide to buy something there, be sure to tell 'em that Saber-Scorpion sent you. ;-)


NOTE: The minifigs above are made using custom decals (stickers) that I designed myself. I now offer a printing service for my decals at www.saber-scorpion.com/shop - be sure to check it out!