Indiana Jones

(posted 7/29/2009)

I really liked the Indiana Jones LEGO sets. The attention to detail in all of them was amazing. The only poorly-designed ones were the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull sets, which makes me like the whole line even better. One scene I've been wanting to see a set of is the tank fight in The Last Crusade, but since they haven't made one yet...

I actually made most of this about, say, 6 or more months ago, but I lost inspiration (something that happens far too often) and didn't finish the tank until about, say, 4 or so months ago. Then I finally got around to taking pictures just a couple of months ago. Now you're seeing it here, after LEGO has already released minifigs of Elsa and the Cruciform Sword guy that I could have used. Bah! It's so hard to rush art. :-P

Due to my attention to detail on the tank in trying to make it match the official sets, I managed to muck up the overall proportions of the vehicle. It should be a bit longer and thinner than this, but I wanted to make it have a usable interior, which is difficult with our lovable but somewhat broad little LEGO men.

Note the blown-out side-cannon, as seen in the above photo. Yes, blatant part mutilation... but I just couldn't resist.

This is my first creation to use entirely flesh-toned minifigs. I decided it would simply be too much work to create yellow-skinned replicas of all the official minifigs. It's hard using my great collection of flesh-toned figs exclusively for vampires and aliens... even if I do resent their entire existence.

These are actually very unflattering photos, now that I think about it. I would promise to take better ones at a later date, but we both know better than that. Well, maybe someday. I like to cling to futile hopes.

"Why are all of you German soldiers wering differently-colored uniforms?"
"Yeah, uh.... it's laundry day."

Please pay no attention to this horrid little car. The idea of custom-making some old-fashioned little car for the characters to sit in was so dreadfully boring that I nearly lapsed into a boredom-induced coma after merely picking up the little piece they're sitting in. So I just kind of stuck it on the back of the car from another set and said the heck with it.

"I can't see out of these ridiculous things, sir..."

"Just drife! Unt be glad ve didn't make you vear a Stormtrooper helmet."

Interesting fact: according to my research (which consisted of Googling around the web), the tank used for these scenes did not actually possess a turret on top.  I guess Spielberg/Lucas decided to install one because it just wouldn't look right. I mean, it can't be a tank without a turret, now can it?! Be serious.

It's no AT-AT, but it'll do. At least it isn't a ridiculous saw-machine cutting down a rainforest just to be evil, or a stubby AT-AT with six legs just to be ridiculous.

Detail of the other side of the tank.

The one minifig LEGO has not yet made, which would have been the third one I ever did (after Indy and Henry), is Sallah. He did appear plenty of times in the LEGO Indiana Jones video game though, so hopefully they'll make one eventually. The one above was made before LEGO came out with the dark red fez pieces in the boat chase set. The above attempt at a "fez" is a top hat with the rim cut off and painted red.

"What happened, Dad?"
"Well, my boy, it was your fourth movie. First I retired from acting, so they killed off my character, along with Marcus, whose statue they beheaded for comic relief. Then they decided not to even approach John Rhys-Davies here for some idiotic reason, thus removing any familiar characters at all, except Marion, whose reappearance was... unfortunate, to say the least."
"Oh... Well, at least it was better than the Star Wars prequels, right?"
(patting his son on the back) "Yes, Junior... Yes, at least it was better than the Star Wars prequels."

The character minifigs shown on this page were made using custom decals (or "stickers" or "labels" if you prefer) that I designed myself.
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