Covenant Wraith Tank

This creation was based on the Halo 1 rendition of the Wraith, so it's a bit simplistic, as it was in that original game. It was first posted on my site on May 11, 2004.

The turret comes up. In Halo 1, it didn't have those fancy little flaps that pop out of the sides like in the sequel. In fact, the Wraith was pretty much just a blob. It was so simplistic that it's hard to even notice it when it's parked. You know those big purple round crate things in the Truth & Reconciliation hangars? They are actually Wraiths. If you chuck enough grenades at them, you can blow them up. Still can't drive them though.

Since it was never really shown clearly in Halo 1 how the pilot entered the vehicle, I went with the easiest LEGO approach and just made the whole front end flip open.

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Q: What do you get when you land a group of Wraiths on a Halo installation?

A: Ringwraiths!

Ahem... er... never... nevermind.