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Noble Team

Halo: Reach may very well be the last Halo title developed by Bungie, so I splurged and bought the Legendary edition. And then I transformed it into LEGO minifig form...

All creations below are made using custom decals (stickers). You can buy most of my decals in my Decal Shop.

It's a fairly impressive, if overpriced, display. At least I'll save money by not having to buy the action figures... right?

Cater A259

Carter is the leader of Team Noble. He's a soldier through and through. He wears blue for some reason.

As a staunch defender of the Red Team, I must say I was disappointed to call an obvious Blue my team leader. Maybe that's why he would never give me his Battle Rifle (or DMR or whatever they call it now) when mine ran out of ammo...

Since taking these photos I have edited his decals some, shrinking the size of the visor.

Kat B320

Kat is second-in-command of Noble Team. She likes to steal technology and be bossy, plus she's female and has a robot arm. She also has the most pathetic, disappointing death of any so-called 'super-soldier' in anything, ever. Come on, Bungie, couldn't you let her go down fighting? It bothers me slightly that she has the same name and nickname as one of the Enomegs in my Nova Refuge novel...

Kat, as the first-ever female Spartan, is the butt of many lame jokes.

Since taking these photos I have edited her decals some, correcting her knee armor.

Emile A239

This is Emile, the team's angry guy. He likes to act badass, as emphasized by his crooked knife and the skull carved crudly onto the surface of his EVA visor. How he convinced the UNSC to let him intentionally damage their expensive equipment and no doubt hinder his own vision is beyond me. They probably would have made him replace it with a new one, except that this one is stuck permanently onto his head.

Yeah, he never takes the helmet off throughout the entire game, leaving you to wonder what he really looks like. Everyone assumes he's black based on his voice, despite Jorge being a white guy voiced by a black guy (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) and Romeo in ODST being a black guy voiced by a white guy (Nolan North).

Jorge 052

This is Jorge, the team's Big Guy. He's a SPARTAN-II, which means he's bigger and more awesome than those measly little Spartan-III's who make up the rest of the team. In spite of his size, he's a big softy underneath, and loves his homeworld of Reach. He was my favorite character from the start, so naturally he was the first one to get knocked off.

Although I also made decals for a regular-size version of Jorge, this version was made using the LEGO hockey armor piece, in order to make him bulkier than the other Spartans. I also gave him a 'backpack' made out of a 1x2 tile, which is attached to his back using nothing but the decal. I wasn't sure what color to use for him, since his armor is a sort of olive drab, but I finally settled on Dark Tan. Since taking these photos, I have corrected the knees on his decals. I would have given him the slightly reddish visor he has in the game, but I wasn't sure how. Why can't you unlock that color, anyway? I want more RED, Bungie!

Jun A266

And finally, here is Jun, the team's sneaky sniper guy. I wasn't sure what color to make the LEGO fig, but I settled on Dark Green.

In order to prove he's a sniper, Jun wears some bullets on his arm and some ghillie-suit-like stuff. Although most ghillie suits make the wearer look like a giant moss-covered Wookiee, Jun elected to just throw a little bit around his shoulders and call it a day. Which is fine by me, personally, even if the reasoning seems a bit questionable.

Sorry guys, but Halo 1 still has the best story.

Well, that's all for now! And before anyone asks "Where is Noble Six?": Well, obviously, he/she is not featured on the statue. Also, he/she can look however the player desires. My own Noble Six was female with red armor (we need some red on Noble Team!) and a Recon helmet. Yours was probably male with black armor. Or was it something else entirely? Please feel free to make your own minifigs with decals from my Decal Shop!

Until next time, don't forget Sam's advice to Frodo at the conclusion of Lord of the Rings: "REEEEEEEACH!"

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