Capture the Flag Diorama

posted Jan 10, 2009

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A scene of Capture the Flag, taking place in Halo 3, probably on the map Valhalla. Players are showing uncharacteristic intelligence in that they actually have managed to capture the enemy team's flag, something that seldom happens when joining random games over Xbox Live.  The red team has the blue flag. The blue team has the red flag. They meet in the middle. It's the climax! In this situation, anything could happen. Here's how I think it will play out:

The blue gunner will obviously tear the poor mongoose to shreds. Both driver and passenger will probably end up as corpses floating downstream. But the Ghost may just have the upper hand, because if he keeps his stream of fire constant, he could take down the 'hog before the gunner can turn to face him. Why do you think I put the red Elite on the Ghost? Obviously, that's me.

One often finds oneself in such a game, too caught up in the thrill (or frustration) of battle to wonder about the other players. Who are these people? What are their stories? What has driven them into the situation we now see unfolding before our eyes? That, my friends, is what we shall explore here today...

(NOTE: All the players described here, except one, are purely fictional. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental... but not at all surprising)

I69 - "Sh00pURwh00p" - The Casual Gamer
The red mongoose driver, his Xbox Live headset in one ear and a single iPod earbud dangling limply from the other - the loathsome noise screeching from the latter loud enough to be unfortunately picked up by his microphone, causing all other players to mute him - reaches for his remote in order to increase the volume of the television to compensate. As his left hand leaves the controller, his mongoose continues on its suicide course, careening back to the red base. Just as he sets down the remote, he feels a sensation in his pants - no, no, it's his cell phone. He scoots awkwardly up off the sofa to remove this precious device from his pocket. As he squints at the text message displayed thereon and attempts to translate the alphanumerical jargon into some base form of rudimentary English, he grips the controller all the tighter as his mongoose leaps heedlessly into the air, soon to be unoccupied when he distractedly punches the large round button on the front of his gaming console.

O07 - The Fanboy
As the passenger of the mongoose notices that the driver is going airborne in the sights of an oncoming enemy Warthog, his fan-fiction life flashes before his eyes. He recalls his training in the Spartan boot camp, right alongside John-117, who he beat in an arm-wrestling contest and with whom he used to exchange friendly fist-bumps. He remembers that day at Reach, where he managed to escape the doomed planet by building a homemade escape rocket from two thousand crates of plasma grenades and an ODST drop pod. He relives the first time he met his Spartan wife, and wonders once again why she had so strange a codename as Samus-424N. He worries about what will happen to their three adopted Grunt kids, without a father to refill their precious little Methane tanks... But most of all, he worries about what will happen to the flag. For he puts the team and the mission above everything, just like his hero and good pal, the Master Chief.


X33 - The Webmaster
The Ghost pilot has already switched his off his headset in order to ignore the nagging questions of twelve-year-olds and the vulgar complaints of slightly older teenagers. His game volume is turned down also, so as not to hear the "Flag Taken - Flag Dropped - Flag Taken - Flag Dropped" of someone using that horribly annoying method to carry the flag faster. Prepared to resume reading a nearby book during lobby screens, he is deaf to the world of the game. All he sees is the advance of his teammates, which he must defend at any cost, because he knows that all too often one chance is all you get at capturing the flag in a crazy game of team objective. All the while, he scans the map for lone footmen that he may splatter for that extra fix. That fix for his addiction. An addiction to... achievements! Once he gets those last three, he will probably go back to playing single-player RPGs until the next Halo 3 map pack comes out.

A few answers to your own no doubt nagging questions:

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2. The plasma pistol there is from (although it's not technically available yet - Will sent me a prototype as an extra with one of my orders). If you decide to place an order there, be sure to tell them Saber-Scorpion sent you!

3. The decals (including the flags) are, of course, mine. Be sure to check out my shop at

Z13 - "chris13x" - The Noob
The blue driver, a newcomer to the world of Halo 3 because his parents only just decided he was old enough to play it, wraps his inexperienced hands around the steering wheel of the M12 LRV Warthog. The controls confuse him, and he seems only dimly aware that the lives of his passengers, and the chances of his team's victory, hinge on his ability to maneuver this machine. He wiggles both thumbsticks at random, hoping for the best, while over his headset he incessantly asks questions such as: what are the rules of this mysterious "Capture the Flag"? Why is he getting killed so easily? And where might the shotgun be located at present? He receives only an uncomfortable silence for an answer, so he ventures to suggest the most recent Internet rumor for how to unlock the coveted "recon armor." You just have to get to the secret place on the beach of Sierra 117 and headshot three Jackals with the pistol while playing on Legendary with all skulls activated, and while standing on top of Sgt. Johnson's head...

M16 - The Angstinator
The blue gunner, a Call of Duty 4 veteran with "snipa" in his gamertag who claims he is only playing Halo 3 "for the lulz," spews a litany of curses over his headset, hoping it will make him sound "mature." His overly deep (largely forced) voice cracks from the strain of puberty as he hurls insults at his thirteen-year-old driver, despite the fact that he was the same age a mere two and a half planetary cycles earlier. He tries desperately to lead his target with his sights like he's read about, thinking all the while that he will blame any inaccuracy on his pilot. His battle rifle is ready to make those precious headshots should he lose his mount, for never would he filthy his hands on a filthy lesser weapon like a shotgun - a weapon which, if he is ever killed by it, he proclaims to be solely the refuge of cowardly prostitutes. Having expended his miniscule vocabulary of four-letter words, he falls into a disgruntled silence as he contemplates quitting in the middle of the game and blaming it on his fellow players, his "Internet," or possibly Bungie.

L01 - The Poor Guy who is Actually Trying
The blue Elite, having finally gotten the local team-killer booted and rounded his team up into a single Warthog successfully for the first time in the game, is desperate to get his precious flag back to home. He instructs his gunner to promptly dismantle the approaching mongoose, causing the Angstinator to immediately consider aiming for the Ghost instead. He also tells his driver there is a large rock in their path and he should consider a different course. The Noob attempts to comply, but he's still not sure which stick actually turns the vehicle. Saying a wishful prayer to the Guardians, our Poor Guy who is Actually Trying crosses his fingers and closes his eyes, prepared to begin the drop-pickup-drop-pickup combination with his flag should he become unseated... at which point the Ghost pilot will become extremely annoyed and run him over.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the creation! You can check out each vehicle (Warthog, Mongoose, and Ghost) separately from my main Halo LEGO page.