G4M3: Shattered Reality is my first published novel. For more information on it, please explore the menu above. The LEGO models below depict events that take place in their respective chapter names and may therefore contain minor spoilers, but I try to keep these to a minimum. If what you see here intrigues you, please consider buying a copy of the book - it's only available through this website!

NOTE: A "vignette" or "vig" in LEGO terms means a small scene, paused in mid-action, taking place on a limited building area. Most of the chapter creations below are vignettes.


LEGO Vignettes

(added 9/13/2006)

(posted 7/27/2006)

(posted 7/27/2006)

Below are a few characters who have not so far made it into a vignette. From let to right: Sofia Tyler, leader of the Saltpit City Eagles; Frank Billings, the man in charge of G4M3; Ian, a USOW commander; and our protagonist Kyle Roswell with his Zeus-Hammer Lightning Gun from near the end of the novel.


The character minifigs shown on this page were made using custom decals (or "stickers" or "labels" if you prefer).
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"No humans are ever destroyed by the Order... Sometimes humans die, and sometimes their relatives are told they are dead while they are actually moved to a... more suitable location. But we end no human lives." - Order Prison Transport Android


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