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Enclave Vertibird

Custom LEGO model and minifigs inspired by the Enclave Vertibird from Fallout 2, 3, and New Vegas.

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The Enclave is a villainous faction in the Fallout games. Descended from the remnants of the militant US government, they see all current residents of the wasteland as mutants who have been corrupted by years of radiation exposure and other toxins like FEV. Only the Enclave themselves and some Vault residents are humans in their eyes; everyone else deserves to be purged.

My LEGO Vertibird combines aspects of the Fallout 2 and Fallout 3/New Vegas designs, as seen here:

I took some artistic liberties of my own too. Partially because I love LEGO Blacktron-style canopies so much. I thought about making the model look rusty like in Fallout 2 (top), but it seems to me that part of what makes the Enclave so scary is their super advanced tech, which seems out of place in the run-down wasteland. So I kept it clean. I had fun building it.

The front of the vehicle. I think this is the first thing I've built with propellors...

Yup, classic Blacktron style configuration.

The side of the vehicle. The dark grey bricks are new (bluish) dark grey, but the light grey bricks are old grey, except the round gun pods on the front. Because I'm weird I guess. Old grey looks more post-apoc to me.

The wings rotate for flight configuration.

The Vertibird was meant to be a transport of some kind, but it always seemed too small for the job. Kind of like the Mako never looked big enough to fit Shepard's whole squad, you know? Anyway, my Vertibird fits one pilot, and that's all. Except there's kind of a hole in the back where another guy can sit all by himself in the dark though, so I guess that still makes it a transport sort of, right?

A closer look at the Enclave death squad, featuring soldiers in Advanced Power Armor with plasma weapons, an Enclave Officer, and two Enclave Scientists.

An even closer look. My Enclave Power Armor is, much like the Vertibird, a combination of design elements from Fallout 2 and 3. I basically noticed that certain LEGO parts looked a lot like Enclave armor (the badguys' helmets from the Man of Steel LEGO sets and the BrickWarriors Android Armor), so I put them together, added decals, and painted on some yellow eyes. The power armor guy on the left is weilding a classic Plasma Rifle aka the Plasma Caster.

The decals under the armor, and a visor decal I originally made before I found the other helmets. My only regret is not being able to put the cool glowy fan thing on the back of the actual final armor.

A final shot of the Enclave getting ready to roll out and wreck someone's day.

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