Die Hard

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Die Hard

“Forty stories of sheer adventure!”
Christmas Eve. Running and hiding, barefoot, in the large and terrorist-occupied Nakatomi Tower, John McClane is experiencing what he will soon learn is the first of a series of events that he will manage to get himself into without ever wanting it, effectively making him "the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time." Or is he the right man? Up against the merciless Hans Gruber, leader of the men who have infiltrated the building, McClane fights alone against this group of twelve elite terrorists.

Here is John McClane from the first Die Hard film (my personal favorite of both the films and these minifigs).

I would like for you to note the presence of several things: first of all, his back and chest decals are accurate right down to the last stain on his shirt and the shape of his belt buckle. Secondly, the strap on his MP5 was sewn (thanks to my mother's skills) to fit his MP5, and cut to the right length from a piece of black cloth. Thirdly, remember how he was barefoot through basically the entire movie? Take a look at his feet! Fourthly, look closely at his hairpiece. It's shaved down some in the front just for Bruce Willis. Also, I personally think this head is a good one for Bruce Willis: it even has his charming smile!

Here's a shot of McClane's back, again with accurate stains. When it comes to minifigs of my favorite actors from my favorite movies, I try to pack in as much detail as I can.

And here's McClane with his Beretta M92... and yes, I know that BrickArms gun is actually supposed to be a Colt. But until Will over at BrickArms actually makes a Beretta (which he REALLY needs to), I'm just going to keep using that one as a substitute.

And finally, here's McClane without a pistol or a MP5. No, that never happened in the movie, really, he always had his weapons somewhere on his person, but this is just giving you a good look at him.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

“They say lightning never strikes twice… they were wrong!”
Now a L.A. Lieutenant detective, McClane finds himself at the Dulles International Airport of Washington D.C. with terrorists intercepting all the planes to take hold of the flight of one Ramon Esperanza, a drug lord. Little do these terrorists realize, however, that they chose the wrong airport - McClane is now racing to end their operation, for one of the flights designated to arrive at the airport that night is one his wife, Holly, is on.

Here is John McClane from the second Die Hard film.

Notice his LA police Lieutenant badge, which is hanging on his belt and the undershirt visible at his neck. Again I'm afraid I've used a BrickArms Colt as a Beretta... sorry, but it's the best thing that fits.

Here's a shot of McClane with his pistol put away.

And finally, here's a shot of McClane's back.

Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance (aka "Die Hardest")

This time it's personal.
“Think Fast. Look Alive. Die Hard.”
Returning to New York City one year after the DC incident, McClane now finds himself taken off suspension after being ordered on a certain strange job by the mysterious terrorist Simon, who continues to call the NYPD with threats and demands, and if they are not met, he will make them pay by making "another big bang in a very public place." One thing, of course, leads to another, and McClane again finds himself in the middle of another intense race to stop a cunning terrorist leader.

Here is John McClane from the third Die Hard film, my personal second favorite of the series.

Much to my joy, a lot of parts in Die Hard 3 find McClane back in his white undershirt. Notice how McClane's badge, which is hanging around his neck, is now a NYPD badge instead of a LA one, as it was on the Die Hard 2 minifig. And yes, I've used a Colt as a Beretta again, I know.

Here's a shot of McClane's back. Notice the blood on the back of his shirt. Yes, that was there in the movie. Trust me.

And finally, here's a shot of McClane with his pistol put away.

Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard

“Yippee Ki Yay Mo - John 6:27”
Now we see McClane around twelve years later, now with a shaved head but with his same signature attitude as always. This time he is in the middle of a digital terrorist incident, a "fire sale," the hacking of the entire country. He must stop the terrorist Thomas Gabriel before the entire country is shut down and face his elite terrorist forces along the way.

Here is John McClane from the fourth Die Hard film, Live Free or Die Hard (known as Die Hard 4.0 in Europe and many other countries).

Here he is, from the latest Die Hard film (and hopefully not the last)! Thanks to the greenish lighting of the modern-style film, I know his shirt sometimes looked rather green, but in general I'd call it something more along the lines of dark tan.

Here's a shot of McClane's back.

And finally, here's a shot of him with his gun away. Well, that's all for now, everybody. I hope you like the minifigs.


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